About Us

Who are these Black Surfers and what are they about?


Mission Statement:

"We are a community of surfers from African descent, who have chosen to enrich our lives and the lives of others through the sport and art of surfing."

Our goals are therefore to:

  1. Promote awareness of and provide education about Black surfing worldwide.
  2. To promote and encourage the sport/art of surfing to otherwise marginalized communities in Los Angeles.
  3. Provide meaningful ways for surfers of African descent to strengthen their sense of belonging with each other, with the traditional surfing community and with our ocean.
  4. Mentor novice surfers to improve their techniques as well as helping them to purse technical and monetary support towards their surfing aspirations.
  5. Pursue ocean conservation and education.
Site Founded 1996 by Rick Blocker

The Black Surfing Association

Mission Statement :

To expand the sport and culture of wave riding among African people

BSA Creed

This association of surfers, black surfers, is one of a kind. Our intent and purpose is the continuous search for our unique character and individuality so fluidly expressed in dancing, wave dancing. We are the literal main ingredient of a developing organization of young and old, male and female, Black persons who seek to share the pleasures of our Creator's oceanic rhythms.

Our distinctive group, which is increasing in number, is greatly diversified in our individual perspectives and pursuits. Our politics, philosophies, vocations and social relations are as varied as our personalities and spiritual realizations. Yet with our varied lifestyles, we are bonded together by two cosmic forces; blood and water. The blood, being our ancestral African roots, and water, being the oceans and seas of the world

The focal point of this bond is the sharing of the sport and art-form of surfing. This water sport, believed to have been created by our own oceanic ancients, is enjoyed today throughout the costal regions of the world. Though comparatively small in numbers, surfing, like tennis, golf and skiing is enjoying an increasing number of Black participants. From this growth of interest, participation and the need for sharing arose the conception of the developing BLACK SURFING ASSOCIATION.

Umoja, together as one, in God's name, let us surf, share and save our Oceans and Seas.

The Dreamer/ Bio info about the site founder

Rick Blocker, Black surfing Advocate

Rick Blocker was born on December 3, 1953 in Los Angeles, California. The son of a Black corporate executive and an acclaimed visual artist, Rick was the youngest of two boys. Rick participated in the first public school busing program for racial equality in Los Angeles and while there he excelled in the arts, music and sports. It was there at school, in the hills of Bel Air, that he first began skateboarding at the now famous asphalt banks of Paul Revere and Bellagio Road. It was his natural outgrowth to begin surfing seriously at the age of 10. In 1964 "I got a surfboard locker on the Santa Monica pier just a few blocks away from the Ink Well that my grandmother was a local at". There, Rick surfed the legendary breaks such as the Cage and the Cove. While in high school Rick majored in photography and played basketball. Whenever possible he participated in surf contests and worked on weekends at a local surf shop. Upon high school graduation with honors he moved north, enrolling in the University of California at Santa Barbara. While in college Rick served as the universities Activities Coordinator and he played the bass guitar in a local pop/jazz band. He graduated in 1976 with a BA degree in sociology. Rick's drug experimentation heightened during the years to follow and in time he found himself addicted to a variety of substances. In 1987 he left a treatment hospital to begin life again, only clean and sober this time. Now a school teacher, husband, father for many years, Rick lives in the Black community of Leimert Park while surfing competitively for the Malibu Surfing Association and being the historian for the Black Surfing Association. He operates the web site www.blacksurfing.com and enjoys making short documentary films. He is an outspoken advocate for Black surfers who are living their dreams. He continues to be sponsored by Inner City Bank Plank Skateboards and Quashi Surfboards.